Insurors Group, LLC

Our History

The Insurors Group, LLC, (IG) based in Texas, began at a brainstorming meeting at the IIAT convention in June 1997 between Tom Chase with Insurors of Texas General Agency, Ltd. in Waco, Randy Reynolds with Texas Associates Insurors, LP in Austin and John McDavid with Glass, Sorenson and McDavid, Inc. in Rockport. From this group the basic operating plan for IG was developed, agreements were drafted, and insurance companies were contacted about the plan.

IG began conducting business in January of 1998 as one of the original group of agents in the State of Texas with its original 3 members. In April 1998, Kayla Slack was hired as the Coordinator for the group. By June of 1998 TCOR Insurance Management located in New Braunfels joined the group bringing the total membership to 4 agencies.

The insurance marketplace was changing in 2000, and so was IG by adding two new members:

With 6 members IG had to work to differentiate itself from the other groups that had formed across the state. The IG members worked closely together so the insurance companies came to look upon the members as preferred agents, with each agency supporting the carriers’ plans. IG developed relationships with “Partner Companies”, presenting all members as one, and committed to seeking mutual goals and results. The in-depth and detailed plan put in place in 2000 is still very successful today.

In May of 2002 the seventh member joined, InSource Insurance Group, LLC, in Midland and Odessa. And in August of 2004 Davis-Dyer-Max, Inc. in Garland became the 8th member.

Eight other agencies have since joined:

IG has achieved the goal of market access and spread of risk throughout Texas. There has never been a mandate to continue to grow agency membership within IG, merely for the sake of getting bigger. The IG board has long felt that our optimum membership number is somewhere between 9 and 15 agencies. This gives us the advantage of size, yet preserves the effectiveness gained by having a working board that interacts well and is committed to IG’s success. Currently we have 13  Agency Members. IG remains open to considering new agency members that fit the IG Prospective Agency Profile and offers strategic geographical or market advantages.

Our Members

Current members of the Insurors Group and the year they joined:


Insurors of Texas General Agency, Ltd.
Texas Associates Insurors Agency, LP
Glass, Sorenson & McDavid, Inc.


TCOR Insurance Management


CBS Insurance, LLP Hertel Insurors Group, LLP


InSource Insurance Group, LLC (formerly Bogan, Dunlap & Wood Insurance Agency, LLC)


Davis-Dyer-Max, Inc.


Shepard Walton King Insurance Group


W David Bayless, Inc. Upshaw Insurance Agency, Inc.


Galveston Insurance Associates (GIA)


TexCap Insurance Services


Sleeper Sewell Insurance
Pathfinder/LL&D Insurance Group